White and Salt – Design Intensive Master Training

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White and Salt – Design Intensive Master Training


Design Intensive Master Training: Your Blueprint for Designing a Profitable, Fulfilling Career

Course Overview

Unlock the doors to a career that brings you not just money, but also joy and flexibility! The Design Intensive Master Training program is meticulously crafted to help you generate a stable income, working only 1-2 full days per week, while still delivering high-quality projects. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a newcomer to the field, this course equips you with the sales techniques, mindset, and project management skills to succeed.

What’s Inside the Program

Module 1: Irresistible Sales Pitches

Learn to create sales pitches and call scripts specifically for Design Intensives, making them an irresistible proposition for your potential clients. This module sets the stage for you to secure lucrative projects consistently.

Module 2: Mindset Mastery

Uncover the mindset that enables you to work fewer days yet make $10k+ per month. We delve deep into the strategies that will help you fill your schedule without burning out.

Module 3: Structured for Success

A detailed walk-through of the entire Design Intensive process, right from initial inquiry, and prep work, to the actual design day and the final handoff of files. This structured approach ensures client satisfaction and peace of mind.

Module 4: Prepping Like a Pro

Strategically prepare for a successful design day with your client. This module guides you through setting client expectations, timeline management, and resource planning to make the most out of your design day.

Module 5: Portfolio Diversification

Learn how to differentiate Design Intensives from your full brand and website projects, allowing you to create a diversified service portfolio. This ensures you have multiple income streams and a wider market reach.

Module 6: Automate, Streamline, Scale

Master the art of filling your schedule and streamlining your processes. We also explore how you can scale this offer by building a team, so you can grow your business exponentially.

Bonus Material

Gain access to a treasure trove of ready-to-use templates, including emails, questionnaires, preparation work presentations, brand guidelines, and call scripts. This valuable resource saves you hours of work and helps maintain consistency.

Why Choose Design Intensive Master Training?

  • High Income, Low Stress: Master the formula to make $10k+ monthly while working just a couple of days a week.

  • Full-Scope Training: Receive comprehensive training on all aspects of Design Intensives, right from selling the service to executing it proficiently.

  • Quality Deliverables: Learn how to deliver quality work that keeps your clients happy and garners repeat business.

  • Resource Rich: Utilize the bonus materials provided to streamline your business processes, saving time and avoiding common mistakes.

  • Portfolio Versatility: This course empowers you to offer both Design Intensives and full-scale brand projects, making you a more versatile designer.

  • Team Scalability: The course sets the foundation for you to grow your venture by including more team members as you scale your business.

Transform your design career into a lucrative, fulfilling, and sustainable business. Enroll in Design Intensive Master Training today and start the journey to professional success.