Youri van Hofwegen – Automation First Academy

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Youri van Hofwegen – Automation First Academy


Welcome to the Automation First Academy: Unlock the Secrets to Building YouTube Video Teams Producing 300+ Videos Per Month!

Course Overview:

Do you want to handle every aspect of your YouTube channel’s video production? Imagine having a dedicated video team that holds everything, from scripting to editing, without you lifting a finger. The Automation First Academy empowers you to build and automate your video team, saving time, freeing you to work on your business, and unlocking passive income streams.

What You’ll Get:

Discover the game-changing possibility of outsourcing your entire video production for your YouTube channel:

  • No Need to Show Your Face
  • No Need to Write a Script
  • No Need to Do the Voice Over
  • No Need to Do Video Editing
  • No Need to Make a Thumbnail

Course Benefits:

1. Learn Step-by-Step Formulas: Master the exact formulas to break down your video format, find and assemble your video team, and automate your workflow.

2 .Build a Full Video Team: Get insights on recruiting skilled individuals for scripting, voiceovers, editing, thumbnail creation, and video management.

3 .Scale Your Video Production: Expand your team and increase your video output exponentially for faster growth and reach.

4 .Work ON Your Business: Let the video team handle the production, freeing you to focus on growing your business strategically.

5 .Earn Passive Income: Enjoy passive income from the videos produced with your team in place.

5 .Flexible Work Schedule: Enjoy the freedom to work whenever and wherever you desire.

Course Contents:

1 .Introduction: Get an overview of the course and understand the power of automation in video production.

2 .Content Layers: Learn the different components of video production and how to optimize each layer

3 .Build Your Team: Discover where to find talented individuals and build an entire video team to meet your needs.

4 .Scale Teams: Learn how to expand and manage multiple teams to increase your video output.

5 .Set Up Your Workflow: Streamline your video production process for maximum efficiency.

6 .Stay in Charge: Learn how to effectively manage and oversee your video team.

7 .Watch Me Build a Team: Experience a live on-camera demonstration of building a video team from scratch.

Unlock the Power of Automation:

The Automation First Academy equips you with the knowledge and tools to create a high-performing video team, unleashing the potential of your YouTube channel. 

Work on your business, earn passive income and enjoy the freedom of flexible work hours. Enrol in the Automation First Academy and revolutionize your YouTube video production now!