David Herrmann & Cody Plofker – TikTok Ads Talk

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David Herrmann & Cody Plofker – TikTok Ads Talk



David Herrmann & Cody Plofker – TikTok Ads Talk Experts in TikTok advertising David Herrmann and Cody Plofker joined Foxwell Digital to talk about the current state of TikTok ads, from novice to expert. This 150-minute course teaches you how to create winning creative, create a winning account structure, optimize your account, and much more.


  • Why aren’t advertisers succeeding with TikTok ads?
  • TikTok creative success
    • Hook creation and the TikTok thumb stop ratio
    • Storyboarding-winning TikTok creative
    • Content creators, how to source them, and how to succeed with them
    • Ideas for new TikTok creative
    • How to use data to optimize the creative process
    • Creative testing
    • Scaling winning TikTok creative
    • How often to update creative based on spend
    • TikTok Creative Marketplace
  • Winning with TikTok ad copy
  • TikTok ad account structure – setup through optimization
  • CBO vs ABO
  • TikTok ad-winning audiences and who/what to target
  • TikTok ad landing page optimization and testing
  • What type of data do TikTok ads need to succeed
  • Measuring TikTok ads success
  • TikTok sales attribution and how to measure it
  • Where TikTok lives in the customer journey funnel
  • Why organic TikTok is important for TikTok ads
  • TikTok influencers, branded content, and white-labelled content
  • TikTok ad optimization using other platforms such as Google Analytics, post-purchase surveys, and more