Ed Reay – The Lifestyle Copywriter

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Ed Reay – The Lifestyle Copywriter



The Lifestyle Copywriter Course: Mastering the Art of Client Acquisition

Have you ever wondered how some copywriters consistently earn six-figure salaries, even if their actual writing seems a bit off the mark? While impeccable copywriting is an art, landing those high-paying clients is a craft of its own. 

Presenting “The Lifestyle Copywriter” by Ed Reay, a course tailored to turn your copy skills into a magnet for premium clients through a dynamic client-getting system.


Course Overview:

  • Understanding the System: The Genesis of Success
    • The truth behind high-earning copywriters and their seemingly average copy.
    • Debunking the myth: Great writing doesn’t automatically translate to a stream of clients.
    • The primary reason many talented copywriters are still stuck in the unstable earning cycle or are bogged down by challenging clients.
  • The Magic of the Right Client-Getting System:
    • The journey of adapting and refining a social media system tailored for attracting copy and consulting clients.
    • A proven success track: Transform your career with a system that’s turned the tables for over 60 copywriters.
    • Achieve consistent monthly earnings with just an hour a day, boasting a success rate that’s unprecedented in the copywriting industry.
  • A Day in the Life of The Lifestyle Copywriter:
    • The beauty of simplicity: Spend an hour on social media daily to revolutionize your client acquisition.
    • Engage with your growing audience through compelling posts.
    • Initiate high-value conversations with potential clients and make offers that resonate.
    • The outcome? You’re no longer chasing clients; they’re reaching out to YOU, eager to employ your copywriting or consulting services.
  • Your Path to the Next High-Paying Client:
    • Navigate through the course modules at your convenience, whether you space it out or indulge in a weekend binge.
    • Implement the system daily until you onboard your first client, and then repeat the process to continually hit your financial and lifestyle aspirations.
  • Bonus: The “Copy & Paste” $3k Monthly Offer Blueprint:
    • Struggle with sealing the deal? This module has you covered.
    • Present clients with an irresistible offer that almost ensures they’re eager to collaborate.
    • Learn the secrets to securing a $3k/month retainer client with just one to two hours of work daily. That’s a potential yearly boost of $36,000!
    • The system is scalable; the more you wish to earn, the more clients you can add to your roster.


“The Lifestyle Copywriter” is more than just a course; it’s a transformative experience. It equips you with a unique blend of writing prowess and client acquisition techniques, ensuring you not only write compelling copy but also effectively market yourself. Enroll today, and let Ed Reay guide you to the apex of copywriting success. 

Join the ranks of satisfied copywriters who have elevated their careers and earnings. Your future as a top-tier copywriter starts here.