Harlan Kilstein – NLP Copywriting (1-3)


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Harlan Kilstein – NLP Copywriting (1-3)



NLP Copywriting (1-3): Master Persuasive Language Patterns and Boost Your Copywriting Proficiency

Unlock the secrets of NLP and copywriting in record time with our comprehensive NLP Copywriting Certification Training. Become a master of persuasion, influence, and high-converting copy with our structured modules.



Module 01: Profound Insights into NLP & Copywriting

Discover the hidden language patterns that drive successful copy. Learn the art of scripting behaviors, leading readers to take actions beyond their expectations.

Module 02: Mastering Milton Model Language Patterns

Harness the power of Milton Model to bypass consc


ious resistance and control your prospects’ minds like a seasoned puppeteer. Alter grammar rules strategically for maximum impact.

Module 03: Crafting Irresistible Sales Letters

Delve into the finer points of dissociation and metaphor to engage readers deeply. Learn to orchestrate a step-by-step journey within your copy without revealing your tactics.

Module 04: Command Embedding & Subconscious Influence

Unveil the art of embedding commands covertly in your copy. Gain insights into the su


b-vocalization process in your readers’ minds to redirect their thoughts and actions without them realizing it.

Module 05: Advanced Presupposition Techniques

Explore the 32 forms of presupposition and understand their effectiveness in copywriting. Skillfully weave criteria throughout your sales letters to break through resistance and drive conversions.

Module 06: Future Pacing for High Conversions

Master the art of future pacing to minimize buyers’ remorse and cut down returns drastically. Understand when to create amnesia in your copy and induce the buying trance for instant action.

Module 07: Leveraging Simile & Tense Shifting

Enhance your writing with powerful similes that resonate with your audience. Learn to shift tenses seamlessly to make your readers experience the benefits of your product in real time.

Module 08: Safeguarding Your Copywriting Secrets


Navigate the realm of ethical and effective copywriting. Keep your Facebook account safe and elevate your ad game with proven strategies that comply with platform guidelines.


Module 09: Expert Insights from Legendary Copywriters

Unlock backstage access to the minds of copywriting legends like John Carlton, Da


vid Deutsch, David Garfinkel, and Brian Keith Voiles. Learn from their unique perspectives and elevate your conversion rates.

Module 10: Turn Your No into a Yes – NLP Copywriting 3

Bridge the gap between copywriting and hypnotherapy. Understand the core principles that drive both fields and master communication for high conversion rates.

Enroll in our NLP Copywriting Certification Training and transform your copywriting skills today. Command the art of persuasion and captivate your audience, driving conversions like never before. Don’t settle for average – become a master of copy with NLP techniques that truly work.