Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection

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Jason Fladlien – Murder The Objection





Get ready to revolutionize your sales strategy with Jason Fladlien’s ‘Murder The Objection’.

This comprehensive course is built on tried-and-true principles, providing invaluable insights that will enable you to conquer any objections to close sales effectively.

This dynamic course is built on the 10/80/10 market segmentation theory that helps you focus on the right kind of potential customers, avoid time-wasters, and scoop up immediate sales. It instils a transformative mindset that clears your internal obstacles, allowing you to market and sell with unprecedented success.

In this course, you will explore why even the best, most targeted audience will say no 99.8% of the time if you miss out on a specific detail – a detail you’ll grasp on day 1! It unveils the ‘Hot Model’ type of close, which can catapult your income into the next tax bracket when done right.

With Jason’s course, you’ll discover that price is never the most significant objection and learn practical tactics to tackle this misconception, sometimes without discussing it! You’ll also learn the ‘Michelangelo’s David’ approach to countering almost impossible-to-overcome objections. This technique is so powerful that you could sell saunas in the desert or iced lemonade in the Arctic!

The course also reveals how Jason persuaded 53 people to pay him $10,000 each on an experiment – without a fancy funnel, a slick sales page, or a polished webinar. It teaches a superior way of telling your story compared to the typical ‘hero’s arc’ narrative, which surprisingly isn’t as effective as you think.

Understand the critical type of buyer to keep in mind when developing your strategy and learn how to solve the traffic problem to boost your traffic effort yield by 10x, 20x, or more. The course also guides how to sequence your bonuses to ensure maximum impact.
The cherry on the top is a huge digital binder of sales materials & practical examples, including email swipes, webinar scripts, presentation files, and more.

Enroll in Jason Fladlien’s ‘Murder The Objection course today to hone your sales skills and master the art of persuasion. Your journey towards closing more deals and skyrocketing your profits starts here.

Embrace the opportunity to sell almost anything ethically and effectively to anyone. Start your journey to sales mastery today!