Matt Bockenstette – Complete Copy Legends Swipe File Vault+Upsells

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Matt Bockenstette – Complete Copy Legends Swipe File Vault+Upsells




The Complete Copy Legends Swipe File Vault+Upsells: A Comprehensive Mastery Course in Copywriting

Unlock the power of words with a treasure trove of high-performing advertisements and sales letters, and supercharge your copywriting skills to unparalleled heights!

Course Overview:

Dive deep into the vault and discover:

  • Over 300 exceptional ads, sales letters, and newsletters curated from the legends of copywriting.
  • Organized collections of ‘Legendary Leads’ and ‘Legendary Bullets’ to perfect your opening hooks and feature descriptions.
  • Exclusive insights from iconic campaigns that transformed industries.

Course Modules:

1. The Irresistible Charms of Sir Gary of Halbert:

  • 56 captivating ads from a man who redefined social security tips, weight loss solutions, and money-making strategies. Highlights include:
    • The iconic “Key West” ad.
    • The transformative “90-Second Facelift” ad.
    • The innovative “Dollar Bill Letter”.

2. The Genius of Gary Bencivenga:

  • 14 game-changing ads from the #1 living copywriter. Delve into:
    • The groundbreaking “Job Hunting” ad.
    • The audacious “Guarantee” ad.

3. The Artistry of Eugene Schwartz:

  • Over 170 ingenious ads and letters from the master of unique big ideas.
    • Discover the “Seven Deadly Crimes” ad.
    • Learn from the “Astronaut Bodybuilding” ad.

4. The Versatility of Joseph Sugarman:

  • 47 diverse ads that shaped various industries. Key takeaways include:
    • The revolutionary “Cordless Wonder” ad.
    • The engaging “Trade Secrets” ad.

5. Bullet Mastery with Mel Martin:

  • 23 engaging ads that redefine bullet copywriting. Highlights encompass:
    • The ingenious “But Not Quite” ad series.
    • The curiosity-driven “What They Don’t Tell You” letter.

6. The Innovations of Ted Nicholas:

  • 13 high-powered ads from the pioneer who sold products worth over $200 million.
    • Dive into the “Eighth Wonder” ad.
    • Study the storytelling magic of “Give Me 30 Days”.

7. The Brilliance of Clayton Makepeace:

  • 28 priceless sales letters from a legend who sold over $2 billion worth of products. Notable inclusions are:
    • The control-smashing “23¢ Life-Saver” package.
    • The Screaming Eagle newsletters on the art of selling.

Benefits for Students:

  1. Broaden Your Horizon: Expand your knowledge across various niches from diets to financial services, newsletters to technology.
  2. Practical Application: Gain actionable insights to craft compelling copy for diverse audiences and industries.
  3. Master Storytelling: Learn to weave narratives that captivate, engage, and convert.
  4. Expand Your Toolkit: Acquire strategies to create unique hooks, leads, and bullets that grab attention.
  5. Boost Conversions: Elevate your campaigns with proven techniques that increase engagement and drive sales.


Unlock the keys to becoming a copywriting maestro. With the Complete Copy Legends Swipe File Vault+Upsells, tap into a goldmine of expertise and wisdom and become the master storyteller you’ve always dreamed of!