Pencil Pirates – How To Create Atomic Visuals

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Pencil Pirates – How To Create Atomic Visuals



Introducing How To Create Atomic Visuals Course: Unleash your visual creativity, overcome mental blocks, and master visual storytelling!

Course Overview:

Are you ready to transform your ability to visualize ideas and communicate impactfully? “How To Create Atomic Visuals” empowers beginner visualizers to break free from common mental barriers, providing essential frameworks, tools, and a supportive community to unleash your visual genius.

What You’ll Learn:

1 .Mindset Shifts for Prolific Visualizing: Conquer the three standard mental blocks faced by beginners – “I can’t draw,” “Drawing makes me less credible,” and “Written words are the only way to create knowledge.” Reframe your mindset to think clearly, draw confidently in public, and share your ideas visually with lightning speed.

2 .Frameworks for Visualizing Any Idea: Discover the secrets of turning ideas into impactful visuals. Learn the 3-step process to visualize anything, delve into visual language fundamentals, and explore over 30 different visual frameworks for crafting compelling atomic visual stories.

3 .Tools for Compelling Visual Stories: Break free from the notion that you lack the necessary tools to begin visualizing. Whether it’s just a pen, paper, smartphone, or a fully-equipped iPad with Apple Pencil and Procreate, this course equips you with design theory, timelapse animation techniques, and social media posting tips for creating visuals that resonate every time.

4 .Knowledge and Community Support: Embark on this visual adventure with over 150 #pencilpirates, building their leverage online through visuals. Enjoy exclusive invites to “Pirate Scrawl Brawls” – weekly 1-hour Zoom sessions for feedback, accountability, and learning from peers. Additionally, gain access to the Pencil Pirates slack space and Twitter list for a supportive visual community.

Why Choose How To Create Atomic Visuals?

Unlock your true potential as a visual storyteller and become proficient in visually communicating any idea. Embrace creativity, overcome mental barriers, and develop confidence in drawing publicly. With a wealth of knowledge, practical frameworks, and a supportive community, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your visual journey.

Join How To Create Atomic Visuals today and embark on a transformative experience that will elevate your visual communication skills. Enroll now and unleash your inner visual genius!