Ryan Lee – Micro-Business Workshop

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Ryan Lee – Micro-Business Workshop




Micro-Business Workshop: Your Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Triumph

Are you eager to start your entrepreneurial journey but need help figuring out where to begin? Delve into our Micro-Business Workshop to unearth the secrets of rapid transformation into an accomplished entrepreneur in just one day!

Course Overview:

Our workshop will guide you through a comprehensive roadmap to entrepreneurship. We’ll take you from the broad strokes to the most granular aspects of building a business from scratch and at an incredible pace. We will demystify the process, debunk myths, and highlight the pitfalls to avoid, saving you valuable time and money. This workshop is a hands-on, real-world MBA packed into a day of transformative learning.

Core Modules:

1 .Micro-Offers Module: Discover the art and science of creating irresistible offers, which is crucial for entrepreneurial success.

2 .Micro-Marketing Module: Unearth the best times to leverage the power of social media for business amplification, optimizing your online presence.

3 .Micro-Launch Module: Grasp our innovative “No-Launch,” Launch method for turning a profit within a day.

4 .Micro-Memberships Module: Learn the key strategies for initiating a thriving membership site or continuity program that keeps members engaged and invested.

5 .Micro-Certifications Module: Understand how to turn your Intellectual Property into a profitable certification program that converts significantly higher than other offers and provides consistent revenue.

6 .Micro-Metrics Module: Cut through the noise of overwhelming data and focus on the three pivotal metrics that truly matter for your business growth.

7 .Micro-Managing Module: Gain clarity on what tasks to outsource and what to handle yourself to streamline your business management processes.

8 .Micro-Coaching Module: Elevate your coaching services by learning to stand out in a crowded market.

9 .Micro-Email Module: Discover strategies to maximize revenue from every email you send, crafted in minutes.

10 .Micro-Branding Module: Implement a game-changing tweak that can significantly boost your monthly revenue.


Why Choose the Micro-Business Workshop?

  • Unparalleled Clarity: Navigate the entrepreneurial landscape confidently with insights that help you avoid common mistakes.
  • Saves Time and Money: Equip yourself with knowledge that prevents costly errors and propels you towards your business goals more swiftly.
  • Actionable Strategies: Implement ready-to-use tactics and witness tangible results in your business endeavors.
  • In-Depth Knowledge: Embark on a holistic learning journey, covering the overarching themes to the fine details of business operations.


Exclusive Bonus for Attendees:

Enroll now and gain access to the highly-prized “$35K Bonus Training”. Originally conducted for an elite mastermind group, this session provides a detailed breakdown of the success behind our latest business venture. It’s a segment celebrated as the highlight of a premium mastermind event!

Final Thoughts:

The Micro-Business Workshop is a complete roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build a successful business. With a treasure trove of actionable insights, a comprehensive set of modules, and a bonus training session, this workshop is more than just learning – it’s a transformational experience. 

Dive in and reshape your entrepreneurial journey today!